A Return For The Summer

A grand return…

Bethca didn’t see this one coming ;]

I missed WordPress and I missed all of you so very much these past few months!  I had to commit to school 100% but now that I am on summer vacation…I can officially run this blog again!

You may notice some changes.  A new makeover to set the mood, and I am looking for a Pretty Committee.  I will be holding auditions, so feel free to email me with an application letting me know if you’d like to be apart of my PC :]

Expect new posts more often (every two or three days maybe?), bigger and better things, makeovers often and a whole lotta other things!

I will begin to post regularly as of this upcoming week, so look out for a new post very soon!  I will try to be as active as possible!

xoxo, Massie B



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Be the reasons someone smiles today…

Spring break is such a lovely time of the year.  In the midst of all the crazy rush of the school year, you get the opportunity to unwind and relax for a couple of days.  Wether that be in the comfort of your own home, or on a tropical island somewhere in the Bahamas, it’s still a feeling of relief to be away from schoolwork and the chaos of day to day life.

Normally, I would escape to a spa retreat in a tropical location with the Pretty Committee, but this year will be somewhat different.  Not that I don’t adore my girls, but sometimes, you just need to escape everything for a little while, and get some peace of mind on your own.

And so that is exactly what I did.  I fled New York and all of the madness of my everyday life and ended up on a lovely tropical island in the Caribbean.  Just myself and Bean for a week.  I had brought many books that I planned on reading throughout my stay here; I thought catching up on some reading would be a good idea since I barely have to time to read when I’m back at home.  I had brought three novels with me on this trip: Divergent, Eleanor&Park and The Carrie Diaries.


As I arrived on my plane, I made my way to first class and sat down on a rather comfortable seat.  Looking out the window, I saw the lights of New York fade away as we went further up into the clouds.  The entire plane ride consisted of a couple of Gossip Girl episodes, as well as reading the latest Seventeen.

The first thought that ran through my mind as I stepped off the plane was Wow, it’s quite humid.  Considering I had stepped onto a plane shivering as it snowed outdoors, arriving in a tropical warm location was a lovely change.  Bean seemed to feel the heat too as she walked slowly through the airport at my side.

The resort I would be staying at for the next week looked absolutely gorgeous from the outside and the inside.  It was a high rise building that contained suites that overlooked the calm and very blue ocean.  Immediately, I rushed up to my suite, changed in my Ralph Lauren bikini and grabbed a magazine and towel, ready to spend the day soaking up the sun rays and sipping tropical smoothies.


The next two days were spent by the ocean, tanning, getting lovely massages and reading many magazines and books.  As I type this post up, I am sitting on the balcony of my suite, looking over the beautiful ocean.  I await in my floral dress and sandals for my date to arrive (an extremely attractive young man who I happened to cross paths with at the beach this morning ;])

He will be taking me out to dinner and then we’ll spend the rest of the evening walking around the resort, enjoying each other’s company.  And as luck would have it, he does live in Westchester as well.  Oh, he just arrived, wish me luck lovelies!


I hope you all enjoyed this post!  I decided to start putting a little inspirational/motivational saying at the beginning of my posts just to slightly brighten your day!  Hopefully I’ve succeeded and it put a smile on your face :]

A real life friend of mine has recently joined WordPress as a Massie blogger as well.  Please take a look at her blog and subscribe!  It would mean the world to her and to me :]  www.flawlessmassieblock.wordpress.com

FMB and I have also began a new lifestyle and positivity blog, entitled www.xogoodvibes.wordpress.com  Please take a look at it and subscribe if you could! Thank you so much, ily all so much  

I’ve done a bit of a blog makeover!  I hope you all like the fresh, spring look!


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The Land of Dreams

Laughter is timeless
Imagination has no age
And dreams are forever

I remember when I was young, around the age of six or seven, and my parents announced to me that they would be taking me to the most magical place on earth.  The place where dreams come true, and there is magic in the air.  Yes, I am of course talking about the one and only Disney World.

Now, they didn’t quite announce it to me in a regular way.  Oh no, not at all.  About a week before spring break, I had been called down by my mother telling me that my parents had something they’d like to give to me.  Of course, being curious and excited, I immediately ran downstairs, hopping down the hall, and taking the last step on the stairs as more of a jump.  As soon as I entered the living room, my mother asked to sit down and handed me a Tiffany & Co. box.  My eyes immediately widened as I smiled at my parents, thanking them silently in advance with the gleam in my eyes.  As I opened the box, I saw a gorgeous small delicate silver chain with a simple circle attached at the bottom with the initial on it.  I smiled at my parents in gratitude and thanked them.

Just as I was about to go and hug them, they told me to look deeper into the box.  My eyebrows knit together in confusion and curiosity as I took out the layer my necklace had been laying on.  Inside, were three plane tickets to Orlando, Florida.  And on top was a note saying We’re off to Disney World!

My mouth dropped open and I began screaming and dancing around the room.  I had never been to Disney World, and only imagined the incredible wonders and memories it would bring.  Opening the box was such a shock, and I can honestly say, to this day, it is one of the best presents I have ever received from my parents.  Other than Brownie of course.

A week later, we were on a plane leaving to go stay at the Disney resorts.  I had never been more excited as I anticipated the wonderful and magical moments this trip would bring to my family and I.

I still clearly remember the exact moment when I walked through the little archway leading into the Magic Kingdom, one of Disney World’s many amusement parks.  It was a moment I will never forget.  I walked through the archway, not quite knowing what to expect, but knowing it would be incredible.  The first thing I spotted as I walked through was the very well-known castle at the very end of the park.  It was white and blue and extremely tall, stretching out into the clear blue sky.  The next thing I spotted was Donald Duck.  Yes, Donald Duck was there, standing right on the little walkway leading up the castle.  I immediately remember running up to the duck I had only seen on television and read about in books, and took a photo with him.

The entire day was memorable and magical.  All the rides we went on and all the sites we saw at the park are something that will be etched in my mind forever.  And someday in the future, I am looking forward to bringing my own future children to this magical land known as Disney World.


What did you all think of this post?  I am so happy to be posting on WordPress again!
Since I am in school, and it’s very time consuming, expect about a post a week, maybe one post every two weeks if things get very busy.  And I will be commenting on your beautiful posts as often as I can!
Thank you for being patient with me, and I love you all so much!  Have a wonderful day and stay lovely!


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